The Greens Team

Meet the minds behind our distribution revolution


Will Trienens Co-Founder, CEO

Will has served as Director of Web Services at Fuzz Productions, a world-renowned, award-winning web and mobile studio he co-founded at age 19. As lead digital strategist and creative director, Will has worked with an impressive roster of clients, including Saatchi & Saatchi, MTV, Ford Models, and The Hearst Corporation. As Co-Founder and CEO, Will brings with him over a decade's worth of experience in the high-speed, digital world -- this time applying it to the slow food movement.


Gabriel Odess-Gillett Co-Founder, Lead Developer

Gabe graduated at the top of his class from the Electrical and Computer Engineering program at UMass Amherst in 2008. He spent his early career as a web developer working at Fuzz Productions, where he quickly caught the attention of Will Trienens thanks to his broad knowledge and exceptional level of skill. When he's not developing world-changing websites, Gabe moonlights as a competitive ballroom dancer. (Yes, Really!)


Jesse Mayhew Co-Founder, Communications Director

Jesse was Partner and Co-Founder of Brave One, a Digital Marketing and PR Agency specializing in work for sustainable and socially responsible companies. A veteran sustainability writer, thought leader, and consultant, Jesse has worked with a vast range of mission-driven companies, including Energizer, Capital One, The Compass Group and many more. His writings on sustainability and corporate responsibility have appeared in The Washington Post, Cause Marketing Forum, and Sustainable Brands.


Garrett Fitzgerald Business Development

Garrett comes from a real estate, sales, and agricultural background having grown up on a dairy farm before pursuing a career in real estate and property management.
He has had experience in lead generation and sales through both online and offline channels for numerous businesses before joining CitySprout. For Garrett, CitySprout afforded a unique opportunity to be part of bringing a socially responsible idea to life.


Adam Smith Market Management

Adam, a Georgia native, has spent the majority of his career working with sustainable and local agriculture in Georgia, West Africa, and now Texas. After graduating from the University of Georgia with a degree in International Affairs, Adam served with the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa, helping farmers develop efficient local food distribution systems. Adam's work with the Peace Corps cultivated his passion for the local food movement and companies that support the movement in a socially responsible way. Adam now lives in Austin, Texas, and is excited to be working with CitySprout to build a sustainable local food distribution model that bridges the gap between farmers and their neighbors.