Frequently Asked Questions

What is CitySprout?

CitySprout is an online, social marketplace that helps you receive offers of amazing local food from your area farms and local food producers.

How do I purchase an offer?

All purchases are made safely and securely online through Payments are processed by Stripe™, CitySprout’s secure, nationally recognized, 3rd party payment system. Information submitted to Stripe™ is safe, secure, and will not be shared with any additional parties.

After I join CitySprout, am I required to buy each week?

Not at all. You will be able to review the contents of any given offer and then decide whether or not you would like to make a purchase.

How is the pricing?

On CitySprout, your area small farms and local food producers determine for themselves at what price they would like to sell their goods. Since they aren’t having to share their profit with a wholesaler, you’ll find that prices are typically lower than you would find in a retail store.

Why do the offers vary each week?

Eating locally means eating with the seasons. Due to the seasonality, stock, and harvest schedules of your local food producers, certain food items will only be available at certain times.

Who are your partner farms and food producers and where do they come from?

CitySprout partner farms and food producers typically operate within 75 miles of the communities they serve. If you click on the name of any of our partner food producers, you will be able to view their profile, any and all certifications they possess, as well as a detailed description of their farming and production practices.

Can I have someone else pick up my order?

Absolutely. Just provide that person with your order number and have them give your name to the food producer at the delivery.

Can I just show up at a delivery and make a purchase?

Unfortunately, the only way to make a purchase through CitySprout is to do so ahead of time online. This is because our partner food producers only harvest and package food they have already sold, assuring maximum freshness as well as minimal waste.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order simply by visiting the My Orders page, clicking the ‘contact merchant’ button, and requesting that the order be cancelled or the quantities changed. The latest you can cancel your order is 6PM on the evening prior to a delivery. Any later than that and your local food producer will already have harvested or prepared your food.

How do I contact one of the farmers or local food producers selling on CitySprout?

If you’ve placed an order with one of our merchants, just head to the My Orders page and click ‘contact merchant’ on the order in question and you will be able to draft a message to them. We are also more than happy to communicate questions, requests, or feedback on your behalf.

When can I call or email you with a question?

Our customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, though we keep an eye on any communications which come in throughout the weekend as well.

Do I receive any record of my order?

Yes. As soon as you place an order through CitySprout, you are sent an order confirmation email with full details regarding your purchase.

What if I find there is something wrong with my order once I receive it?

Your local food producers want to be sure you are completely satisfied with your order. If there are wrong, missing, or spoiled items in your order, you can contact your merchant directly to request a full or partial refund.

How do I switch out my credit card information?

Just go to the Payment Settings page under My Account, enter in your new card information, and click ‘save changes.’

I know a food producer who would love to partner with CitySprout. How do they get started?

That’s great! Have them fill out the application form on our Partner with CitySprout page.

What if there aren’t any current delivery locations that are convenient for me?

If none of our current locations work for you, why not consider sponsoring your own location?

What are the requirements for sponsoring a delivery location?

Nothing other than a passion for local food and a willingness to promote your location to your community to help it grow.

Something appears to be wrong with the CitySprout site. What should I do?

If you have any technical difficulties, please get in touch with us at It will help us to diagnose and solve your problem as quickly as possible if you include in your communication what operating system, web browser, and what version of said web browser you were using at the time you experienced a problem.