How it Works

It doesn’t get any more fresh, healthy, and delicious than local, but it’s hard to find local food that’s convenient, commitment-free, and affordable.

Through CitySprout, your local food becomes available at the click of a button when your local food producers make their goods available through

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    Enter your address into to find convenient, nearby delivery locations. Join locations where you would prefer to meet your local food producers. You are alerted via email whenever new offers are posted to your prefered locations.

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    Local food producers set their own prices and post offers available for purchase quickly and securely online. There is no ongoing commitment to buy; purchase only what appeals to you. You will be able to view detailed information about your food producer’s growing practices.

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    Meet your local food producers and receive your purchased offers each week at a convenient, set time at your delivery location. Present your order number and enjoy your food. It’s really that easy!

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    Not tempted by any of your area’s current delivery locations? Sponsoring your own community’s location is quick, easy, and FREE.

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