Our mission is to help communities to start living and eating healthy and sustainably.

Through our marketplace, we strive to rebuild the lost relationship between consumers and their local food producers, allowing people to enjoy fresh food as a strong, united community in a way that supports small farms and other locally-owned food businesses. As CitySprout continues to grow, so does our ability to effect positive change on an economic, environmental, and social level.

What’s wrong with today’s food system?

Agricultural production, distribution, and transportation as they are currently practiced in the U.S. have many negative nutritional and environmental impacts.

A tomato traveling from a farm in Central America to your local grocery store is not the product of a sustainable food system. Each new shipment requires trucking, refrigeration, packaging -- with your food losing its nutritional value throughout the journey. These complex distribution networks are not healthy for you or for the planet; the carbon footprint for U.S. food distribution alone is staggering.

Shaping a healthier food system

By reinventing the way food gets to your table, CitySprout significantly reduces carbon emissions by minimizing the distance your food has to travel, as well as improves national health and dietary nutrition.

Through bypassing complex distribution networks and wholesalers, CitySprout improves how we buy and sell our food by connecting farmers and their communities. In making locally grown food available on this scale, CitySprout improves national health and dietary nutrition. Most importantly, CitySprout gives privately owned, polycultural farms a chance to thrive and again take their rightful place as a true backbone to the U.S. economy.